Unlock the full potential of every conversation you have to deliver moments of magic and wow!

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Sales Activation

Stand above the competition

We give your sales people the confidence to let their customer 'control' the conversation

Customers talking about their business, what's important to them, will reveal more 'sales' information than if you tried to talk to them about your products. Build wider solutions; minimise sales objections and hit targets faster.


Solution Selling

Solutions create loyalty

We move selling from a product to solutions helping you create and retain loyalty

We moved the average number of products per opportunity, for SMB sales in a telco, from 1.2 to 2.7 in 6 weeks Within the first 3 months, 37% of opportunities now sold as a solution containing 2 or more products for an ICT organisation

Learning Activation

Activate new sales skills faster

We expand training into your world, giving you the tools and techniques to support effective selling

Learning Activation means training doesn’t stop when you walk out of the classroom. We give you selling content, tools, techniques as well as our support on how to use effectively, so integrating new skills into your daily selling approach becomes quicker and easier.

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Sales Enablement

Generate more business

We bring together value propositions, campaigns, sales targets, and sales process and activate to Make It Real TM

We turn your value propositions into customer value propositions. We use our expertise and experience to select the tone of voice that’s right for your business to stimulate interest and action. Then we deliver it to your sales channels in bite size chunks of content that are easy to digest and use wth customers.

Internal engagement

Cutting through the noise

We bring clarity, simplicity and flexibility to how sales use collateral to support their selling

From sales enablement to knowledge management, learning and development to internal communications, we get people engaged, interested, and involved. encouraging the emotional reaction they need to achieve results

Customer Activation

Integrated customer journeys

We work with you to create excellent experiences with integrated customer and employee journeys

Silo’d customer experience reduces the ability to differentiate; to retain customers 81% of customers frustrated dealing with a company not easy to deal with