Our Sales Enablement & Activation Tools

Our Sales Enablement and Activation Tools


We have been working with our customers for over 14 years and have brought all that experience in to our Sales Enablement and Activation Tools

6 Steps to Selling® – A framework that streamlines your value propositions, campaigns, sales targets and sales processes. Bringing everything together, arming your salespeople with easy to use, sales-ready content and the information they need about your business, your propositions and solutions – along each step of the sales journey. You can access our other tools – Sales Ffinda®, Solution Ffinda® and Facts & Figures through 6 Steps to Selling®.

Sales Ffinda® – Our sales conversation platform provides the framework for creating sales content for effective conversations, connecting all the …. and more. Connecting all the different elements into a cohesive story – positioning, messages, questions, facts & figures, presentations and more.

Solution Ffinda® – Allows you to work with your customers and identify exactly what you should include in the final proposal or solution. With overlays such as questioning, collateral and product roadmaps – you will have everything at your fingertips to develop the full solution.

Facts&Figs – Giving your people the conversation starters, hot hooks and interesting facts they need to start a more consultative conversation. Working alongside Ffinda® and Solution Ffinda® – it gives you the ability to push relevant products and services, in support of solving a particular customer need, industry driver or compelling event.

On or offline, they can quickly access the materials they need to put oomph into their daily sales conversations. With everything at their fingertips: salespeople increase the time spent selling.

Activation Framework – Making it Real} 

Making it Real}, our Activation Framework, is how we turn things into an ongoing reality for our customers. Whether it’s a new campaign, idea, training initiative or strategic change you need to manage – you need to engage people in ways they find meaningful.

Through Making it Real}, we create the right conditions for people to engage, encouraging the emotional reactions they need to embrace new ideas and achieve great results.

With your employees fully onboard, we help you sustain and maintain the desired outcomes until new habits are formed and the change becomes business as usual.

From sales enablement to knowledge management, learning and development to communications – we get people engaged, interested and involved.

Some of our key results to date

Sales increased +10% over agreed targets

New skills activated – 70% of sales people felt more confident about having a customer led conversation

The sales communication strategy achieved a click-through and an open rate of +60%, from a low of <10%

Revenue attributed to direct sales increased to 53% with pipeline opportunities increasing this to over 60%