For the Sales Explorers

It's all about Sales Activation - that delivers Customer Activation

"I want to give my sales teams confidence to kick-start new conversations and explore more productive opportunities"

Through our Sales Activation programme, we help sales explorers have value-led conversations, so they can:

  • Hit targetssales explorers
  • Create growth
  • Improve margins
  • Achieve better customer retention
  • Activate their customers

Customer Activation occurs when your ‘Why You’, the reasons people should buy from you, connect with the specific needs of the customer.

We help you explain the ‘Why You’ in the customer’s eyes, using timely, clear, concise positioning and messaging that connects and resonates with your target audiences. Connect to your customers by function, industry or trend – you decide!

Making it real: Activating your entire organisation

Bringing together value propositions, campaigns, sales targets, sales processes and business strategies – translating them into relevant, useable content that activates your people.

  • Individual account managers empowered to have non-product led customer conversations – 70% of sales people felt more confident about having a customer led conversation

Bring it alive: Bringing knowledge and skills to life

Value propositions and solutions come alive for customers when you put them into their business context.

We build up your sales teams’ ability to ‘walk in your customer’s shoes’ so you bring alive the value of your proposition within their business. This creates a compelling reason to buy – and heads off any objection.

Using our Six Steps engagement plan – you can close the gaps and close the deal, quicker.

Show me how: Stand out in the crowd and have the confidence to put the customer in control

Sales people need the confidence to let their customer ‘control’ the conversation. Customers talking about their business, what’s important to them, reveals more ‘sales’ information than if you tried talking about your products.

Our Sales Improv Programme gives them the techniques, tools and confidence to think on their feet, be comfortable when they are not in control, respond effectively to barriers and objections, and get the most out of each conversation!

Let me engage: Getting better traction by understanding your customer

How do you make sure your sales teams use propositions and sales enablement materials to get better traction in their accounts? Understand your customer!

We turn your value propositions into customer value propositions. Using our expertise and experience to select the tone of voice that’s right for your business, helps stimulate interest and action.

Then we work with you to ensure each customer touch point, at each stage in the customer journey, has the right messaging to support.

Nudge me: Shortening your sales cycle - closing deals quicker

When one or more decision makers stand between you and closing the sale – you need to make sure there are no gaps for the competition to exploit. When you need a gentle reminder of what’s hot – and what’s new – we sometimes need a nudge in the right direction.

Our nudges keep the right message – for the right people – up front – at the right time.