Connecting the dots along the sales journey

Many organisations are tackling the same problems, so the opening conversation a buyer hears from multiple sellers – can be very similar.

By connecting propositions, collateral and enablement activity to the steps of the sales journey – we allow your sales conversations to connect and resonate with your target audiences.

Increased sales revenue opportunities of desk-based conversations – the average number of products per opportunity increased from 1.2 to 2.7

For the Daredevil Marketers

I want to turn my marketing strategies into action by making them relevant for staff and customers

Demand generation campaigns, proposition development, data analytics, market research, competitor activity, product development, PR… – all help identify new business opportunities and ways to engage effectively with customers.

That’s a lot of great content which often gets missed by the time-poor sales explorers.

We can simplify the complex by making your product and marketing materials more relevant and consumable – in the eyes of sales.

For the Innovators of Things

I need to bring training to life for my team so it becomes simply what I do

When the pressure’s on, it’s often too hard to think about using new skills and easier to stick with what you know.

  • 50-80% of people forget what they’ve learnt after one day
  • 97-98% after a month* 

We know that embedding and sustaining any new way of working require regular, structured, active engagement.

Tailored perfectly to your organisation, objectives and culture – our Activation Framework allows people to start using their new skills with confidence. Providing the nudges, hints and tips they need to adopt new skills and habits – straight away.

We extend practical training into the workplace, taking the pressure off your teams as they take change onboard. So they get the on-going support back at base that reinforces their learning and helps it to stay at the front of their mind.

*Source: Waterloo University research, Curve of Forgetting

For the Knowledge Gurus

I want to grow revenue and increase our customer retention by selling more products per opportunity; selling solutions

While customers have more information at their fingertips and become better informed into the conversation, they can become overwhelmed.

Sometimes, too much information = too much choice.

Which is why customers are looking for suppliers that make buying, easier.

We can help improve your purchasing edge and change perceptions by having more consultative conversations linked to their big issues. All of which demonstrate the breadth and depth of your capabilities.