best sales conversations

I fell in love in Starbucks, Leeds this morning.

So this is a reach out to the man of my dreams. The salesman, that is…

I was sitting with a coffee, tweaking a product newsletter to make it more usable for its sales community target audience.

And then there you were, taking calls; the embodiment of a perfect salesperson/account manager.

You didn’t see me staring at you – thankfully. 

It was a pleasure to watch and listen to you as you took your prospective customers (of which there were three) through your proposed solution.

On a flat A5 Moleskine you drew, scribbled and developed the approach and solution in front of them.

Everything was related back to the business, even to their individual function.

You told them what it would mean for them; how they would take it to the board.

As my product newsletter lay temporarily forgotten, I watched you switch effortlessly between people. Your descriptions prompted your customers to reveal more insights into their business – and provoked more questions which you answered with context.

You were selling something really technical, but your story was all about what it would mean for them.

You told them:  “When you take this to the board, this is how it should work.

“We do this, and this, therefore, means for you …”

They were clearly impressed – and as a professional who spends her working life enabling salespeople to be more effective so was I. Big style! As best sales conversations go – this was great! 

Man in Starbucks, Leeds, you were a joy to listen to. And I’m definitely in love best sales conversations

What are the best sales conversations you’ve ever heard?